From the archives

August 17, 1899

A Council meeting was held in a room at the stable of John T. Reeves

September 5, 1899 Council Meeting Minutes

"Rule 5 - While the President is putting the question no member shall engage in conversation, walk across the floor or out of the room.

Rule 6 - Every member, previous to his speaking, shall rise from his seat, and shall address himself to the President, and say, 'Mr. President,' but shall not proceed with his remarks until recognized and named by the chair.

Rule 10 - While a member is speaking, no member shall hold a private discourse, nor pass between the speaker and the Chair."

May 8, 1900 Council Meeting Minutes

"Moved by Reeves, seconded by Merriman, that notice be placed in Tribune, one insertion weekly, 3 weeks, notifying individuals to cease placing garbage along hill road approaching heights.  Carried."

June 12, 1900 Council Meeting Minutes

"Moved by Reeves, seconded by Morford, that officer be instructed to arrest and impound first animal found running at large, whether led by rope, tied to stake, or herded by boys.  Carried."

July 10, 1900 Council Meeting Minutes

"On motion of Merriman, seconded by Reeves, Mr. Barr was instructed to take to-morrow for impounding cattle, etc."

February 26, 1901

An agreement was made between the Borough Council and the Patterson Heights School District that the Council would bear the expense of repairing or changing the basement of the new school building to make it suitable for holding meetings and elections.

April 9, 1902 Council Meeting Minutes

"Moved and seconded that the Street Com. be instructed to take advice and action in regard to having Mr. Watson place chain across opening to his coal road.

"On motion duly carried the secretary was instructed to have signs prepared to place on Hillside Road to prohibit painting or defacing same."

July 23, 1902 Council Meeting Minutes

"On motion the burgess was instructed to rent a stable in which to impound cows, etc., at best rate possible."

November 4, 1903

The Patterson Heights Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated, making it Beaver County's first incorporated fire department.

November 19, 1906

The first Patterson Heights Board of Health was appointed (Fred Harn, O.P. McClain, Dan Paul, C.C. Galton, and L.S. Townsend).


Council recommended a budget of $1,890.  Council set a tax of 8 mills to provide revenue of $1,600.  The Borough operated the year of 1909 for $1,600.61.

August 11, 1910

A contract for the erection of a new municipal building was awarded to Martsolf Brothers Company of New Brighton for $2,775 (low bidder).

March 16, 1911

The Borough Council decided that the contract with Martsolf Brothers would be extended.

November 23, 1911

A special meeting was held for the purpose of making settlement ($405.50 balance due) with Marsolf Brothers relative to the municipal building.

December 18, 1912

The Commissioner of Health issued a permit (recorded in the Beaver County Courthouse January 14, 1913) for sewerage to the Borough, with reports and plans to be filed annually showing extensions to the sewer system made each year.

November 12, 1918

The Board of Health suggested to Council  that they designate a day as "Clean Up Day," on which all rubbish should be hauled to the public dump free of charge to residents.

October 18, 1919

The Beaver County Light Company notified the Borough that free electric service furnished to the Borough Building was in violation of the Public Service Company Law, and would be discontinued in Nevember 15, 1919.

August through November, 1920

Major repairs to Hillside Avenue are made by J.M. Hughes & Son.

May 13, 1920

Beaver Valley Water Company installed a meter at the borough building (cistern water was used previously).

July 11, 1929

C. E. Reich, secretary of the Patterson Heights Community Club, announced that the club had disbanded, and the treasury balance of $4.61 was given to the borough.

July 11, 1929

Clyde W. Ohnsman, borough engineer, announced that a sanitary sewer system had been installed, and his final assessment was presented for council approval.


The budget for 1929 was $41,975.00.  Sewer receipts were $13,625.00.

January 10, 1930

A dinner of "Turkey and Trimmins" was held in honor of Charles Reich, Council Chairman in 1929, and "who is on record as being in the service of the Boro for the past eighteen years with only one tardy meeting night off in the eighteen years of service." 

June 6, 1930

Two individuals were notified that complaints had been made about the reckless driving of their delivery trucks in the Borough.

July 10, 1930

It was reported that $10.00 was received for a permit to move a steam shovel down Hillside Avenue.  The Borough Secretary was directed to advise a resident that he had been observed throwing garbage into the ravine along Hillside Avenue, and that this practice must be stopped at once.

May 1935

Purchased from M.C. Wilde--one furnace with pressure tank and pipe for $25.00.

November 1935

The Board of Education thanked the Council for prompt action on its request for safety signs warning motorists of approach to school.


Gasoline was $0.195 per gallon.  Men were paid $0.48 per hour to stay at the fire station when the power was off.


Rent was no longer paid by the County for use of the Borough Building as a polling place for primary elections.  The proposed budget was $7,650.  The telephone bill was $0.05 plus $0.10 (balnce due the previous month) -

total $0.15.


A 1936 Dodge truck was purchased for $450.00.  The firemen added a tank, pump, and hose.  "Dump Road" became 8th Street Extension to Ross Hill after major work, in the Fall.

February 22, 1939

Purchased one used Warco Grader  from the Borough of New Brighton for $450.00.


Christmas trees could be lit if they could be turned off on a moment's notice per order of the State Council of Defense.

June 20, 1942

John Zarle, chairman of the Defense Council, stated that four "simulated incidents" were planned for the night of June 25, County "black out" night.

June 1949

Fifty citizens petitioned that the dump and disposal ground. owned by Reeves Land Company, located at 8th Avenue below 4th Street, be removed.

September 12, 1949

After several months of discussion, and a petition requesting that the ball park be removed from its location between 4th Avenue and 6th Avenue, the Patterson Heights Baseball Team announced that the ballpark would be moved to another location outside the Borough.  The petition noted boisterousness, parking difficulties, and dust.

December 1950

Special thanks were extended to Phil Erath, Jr., for the excellent snow removal during the emergency.  There was also a notice in the Tribune to all the residents of the Borough who helped shovel snow.  Letters of thanks were sent to Frank Smith of WBVP, and Michael Baker, Jr., of WRYO.

May 4, 1951

The Borough Secretary was authorized to write letters to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Brownies asking them to be more careful in their use of the Borough Building.

September 1952

Ordinance Number 119 -- Fee of $5.00 per month on trailers located in the Borough.


A telephone line for $13.00 per month was sanctioned for a radio-alarm system.

November 1955

Council requested immediate delivery of a salt spreader from E. J. Fedigan, Inc., $557.92.

October 1956

Shane Brothers were the low bidders for construction of a retaining wall on Hillside Avenue $3,764.15.

February 3, 1956

Council approved roping off 4th Street east from Darlington Road to 9th Avenue for sled riding.

May 6, 1957

Mr. Popovich of the Fire Department offered the Borough the old Larabee fire truck, with one reservation, that the truck could be used by the Fire Department at the annual Lawn Fete to haul children "around" the hill.  The Larabee was returned to the Fire Department on December 2, 1957 for disposition.

July 1, 1957

A radio and telephone contract at $75 per year with the City of Beaver Falls was accepted.

February 10, 1958

An Earned Income Tax Ordinance passed on the third reading.

November 3, 1958

Council decided to create a Recreation Board with the School Board of Patterson Heights.

December 1, 1958

Fourth Street was set aside for sledding providing that the children did not damage any property, and refrained from the use of abusive language.  If these conditions were violated, the street would be opened to traffic, and the street ashed and salted.

January 1961

The Planning and Zoning Commission was established.  A Zoning Ordinance was passed.

August 1962

The State Highway Department announced that a storm sewer would be installed the length of 7th Street down to Hillside Avenue.

January 4, 1965

Mr. Emil Sudar of the Fire Department reported that the Department was now debt free, as the truck obligation was paid in full.

September 11, 1967

Mr. Robert Mineard was sworn in as Police Chief, and Mr. Stewart Caler as Assistant Police Chief.

October 2, 1967

An agreement with New Brighton for the use of a radio hookup was executed.

May 5, 1969

Mr. Neal Anderson was hired to enforce the Dog Law in the borough for $15 per month.

April 6, 1970

Sahli Motors was the low bidder for a Chevrolet truck ($4,741.85).

December 6, 1971

Council passed the Sewer Rental Ordinance effective January 1, 1972, establishing a fee of $24 per year.

August 14, 1972

At a special meeting Council accepted the Koontz Equipment Company bid for the purchase of a leaf loader in the amount of $3,243.00

October 2, 1972

Mrs. Ensworth reported that 18-, 19-, and 20-year-old residents were now listed on the tax duplicate.

March 5, 1973

Ordinance Number 170--Amusement Tax--was adopted.  the Beaver Valley Country Club was notified of the Ordinance and its effective date.

May 1973

Hillside Avenue is officially closed by PennDOT


The Borough celebrated its 75th Anniversary at the "traditional" Lawn Fete.

January 17, 1975

At a special meeting Council agreed to enter into the Community Development Act of 1974 (Beaver County).  Monies received under the Act can be used for recreation, lighting, sewers, or crime prevention.

July 7, 1975

A Curfew Ordinance is adopted--involving anyone under 18 years of age during the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 

6:00 A.M. 

September 8, 1975

Architect Steve Petz was contracted to draw up the topographical map and preliminary drawings relative to revamping the recreation area.

June 12, 1976

Our nation's Bicentennial was celebrated in Patterson Heights with an all-day celebration in conjunction with the annual Lawn Fete dating to 1910.  The festivities began at noon with a parade led by Mayor Perry Small,  followed by a concert by the Blackhawk High School Band.  At 1 pm a square dance demonstration was performed by a group from Blackhawk High School.  Following was a concert by the Beaver County Senior Citizen Choral Group.  Later was a barbecue chicken dinner, folk singing, more square dancing, and a rock group at 8 pm.